12 Ways To Profit From Your Passion

Are you thinking of your next idea and stuck on the ‘it has to be unique’ phase.  Let me stop you right there.  I used to be like that for a very long time.  Always tweaking my projects just to make them ‘unique and special’. Even though there is nothing wrong with being unique, by the time I had completed my adjustments, the opportunity had moved on.

I want to introduce you to a new way of thinking, so you do not spend ages in the ideation phase of packaging your passion.

Do not start from Scratch

Yes, you read that right.  Not every idea has to be a ‘Faraday’ or ‘Issac Newton’ moment.  If you are not the next Thomas Edison, you do not have to lose sight of your talents.  We are all gifted differently.  Some of us see new opportunities and some of us see ways to complement, enhance or improve what is already in existence.

I love Samsung phones. I am like a kid in a candy shop when I am about to get an upgrade.  Not only do I look forward to the new features on the phone, but I also love shopping for accessories.  I used to be addicted to phone covers, but now I restrict myself to buying just two at a time.

When I bought my recent phone cover, it got me thinking about the ‘start from scratch’ syndrome. Every time a phone company is considering a new phone, simultaneously, these phone cover companies are designing the phone covers, screensavers, screen protectors and earphones to match. They do not have to create a phone to make sales; they just create a product to complement what is already in existence.

Have you ever considered what you could offer to complement an existing product or service?  It can be a fast moving good so that you can ride on their sales volume.   Are you spending too much time thinking about a novel idea and not looking at what you can add to what is already in the market? Well, it is time to reconsider your stance.

Here is one great example

Are you a Fixer?

The Package Your Passion book describes a Fixer as a solution-oriented person. They focus on providing solutions to immediate problems that they come across at every given time. This can include what is already in existence

To Fix means ‘to repair, mend, put in order or in good condition, adjust or arrange better. (Dictionary.com) Do not mix the fixer with the creator – they are two different entities but can complement each other. You can amplify your passion by fixing the problem of an existing product or service.

 “If something you are doing or thinking is not fixing or improving the situation, then it is wasting your time.” Anon

If you want to amplify your passion and make the most of your talents, I have got the ideal resource to get you started.

Want to find out how you can profit from your passion in 12 ways?  Keep reading.

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I am cheering you on.

Temi Koleowo

The Idea Catalyst






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