You + Academy = Results!

The Package My Passion Academy is designed to help you discover, define, develop and deliver your passion into products and services for a readily available group of people who want your solutions.


Our aim is to help you find the support and inspiration to explore all options and take positive action towards your place of fulfilment – the place of purpose and profit.

At the Package My Passion Academy, we help you, the purpose-driven individual:


✔ Discover and deploy your strengths and most powerful talents
✔ Create solutions from the components of your passion.
✔ Support you to create your own economy.
✔ Transit into trailblazer and start a business.
✔ Find and fulfil your life purpose through a new career, charity, social enterprise, concept, or other vocations.
✔ Create a legacy and not a hustle.


The Academy coaching and courses are the pre-requisite for any talented individual, budding entrepreneur, purpose-driven person, career-minded individual or philanthropist who is not satisfied with the status quo.


There are too many people in jobs they don’t enjoy and living the lives of other people. We want to take you by the hand and help you create your own pathway to greatness.

Is this You?
You have a variety of ideas, but you can’t seem to choose one idea and take that bold step to do something phenomenal.


Too many ideas are brought to the table that are either unsustainable or lack passion, self-belief and the right mindset to turn them into reality. We want to help you change the narrative and ensure you get the right results.

At the Package My Passion Academy, we want you to live your best life doing what you really love by tapping into all the assets within you.


This Package My Passion Academy was developed by Temi Koleowo, the Idea Catalyst and Innovation Consultant.


Temi found herself at a crossroad when redundancy struck in 2009. She had the option to continue in the role she had known most of her adult life or seek a new journey.


She took a bold step to follow her heart and package her passion. With her experience in finance and business management in tow, her journey led her to start her consultancy and the Package My Passion Academy. Temi and her team are passionate about helping people discover their genius zone so they can turn what they love into their lifestyle.


Get ready for a time of your life as you explore all the resources and
support, we have available for you.

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