Do you believe there are more products within you that you can give to the world?


Do you want to find out how to seek and embrace bigger opportunities?


If you answer ‘YES’ to any of these questions, then you are ready to be amplified.


Have you ever wondered how far you can grow your product, service, concept or social enterprise?


Are your multiple talents causing more confusion than connection? It is time to change the process for better results.


Find your next bold step with the Amplify My Passion Program. 

Why Are You Here on Earth?


Everything has a purpose – whether male or female. We were all created for specific purpose and to do significant things while we are here. We have also been given the tools to help us achieve this goal.


The route to your purpose is right within you, and we have the tools to help you discover and define it.


Success does not happen by chance, it comes about when you choose to focus and dedicate time to develop an area of interest that can become a solution with profit in tow.


“Follow your passion means you find what you love to do and master it. Temi Koleowo”


Are you thinking of how to juggle your profession, mission, passion and vocation? Well, you are in the right place. The right place to discover your passion and vocation pathway, maybe merge it with your profession or mission and discover the profit within too.

Join us at the Amplify My Passion movement as we will explore the many ways you can amplify your passion and extend your product and service ideas.


Learn how to match your strengths to what is out there and get your product into a bigger market.


In this comprehensive program, talented and gifted individuals like you will learn how to amplify your product ideas beyond the normal sphere of influence and get your products noticed by those that can help extend your reach.


You will also learn how buyers select products and the criteria for acceptance.

Core elements of the program will include:


Maximise – Understand how to make the best use of your talents and strengths.


Develop – Learn how to develop new product ideas that are readily acceptable in the marketplace


Flesh out – How to avoid analysis paralysis and flesh out your ideas.


Expand – Learn how to expand the reach of your product or services.


Acceptable – How to develop a widely acceptable brand, ready for the shelves.


Our team are experienced in developing talent and skills into widely acceptable brands.


You will also be able to access professional advice from those who determine what products find their way to shelves.


Join us as we learn how to turn our products and services into solutions others can’t do without.

This a stand-alone program which includes


  • One 2 One Sessions
  • Email Support
  • Accountability partner
  • Support to achieve goals.


Spaces are limited so book early to secure your place.


Book your place today. See you there.