Can My Unique Idea Work?

The answer is Yes!!! Your unique idea can work because people are doing it every single day all over the world.

The key components of making your idea work is self and product belief in addition to in-depth research to validate the need.  What I am trying to say is that you can create a business from almost any passion, no matter how obscure it might be.

Self-belief is a very important aspect of the process. You may be overwhelmed by the possibility of failure from past experiences or just dizzy from the many aspects of the idea and getting it to market.  Let me be honest with you; I am usually quite fearful when I think of any new idea.  I have hesitated in the past to put my idea out there, thinking that no one will want it.  Then someone else thought of the same thing and got it to market before my very eyes.   We all have doubts about taking the first step, but we just can’t afford to let fear upstage us.  Now I just do it and get the right result by sheer determination.  As long as you can identify a valid and broad need for your target market, you are on your way.

A unique idea can give you an edge and the attention you need to put your concept in front of the right people.

If you start a business based on the idea of making money alone rather than one you want to build over time, soon enough you will burn out. Here is where passion becomes an integral part of choosing an idea to work with.

Do you know Trunkie – the pull along suitcase that was rejected in the Dragon’s Den (an inventor meet investor show in the UK) due to a small malfunction?  The business owned by Rob Law was valued at approximately £8m in 2016 and has won over 100 product and design awards. Who would have thought a pull along suitcase would have such an appeal?

That little essential personal tool called product-belief comes in here again.  I learnt from Rob Law’s story that you have to trust your instinct and your product (after due diligence of research).  The ‘NO’ he got from the Dragon’s den did not stop him from believing in his product and taking it to market.

Have you got an idea that seems crazy and far-fetched?  Is everyone telling you should not go for it? Well, you are in good company.

Check out these ideas and let them encourage you to pursue your amazing concept.

Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream was introduced to the market in 1974.  One of their latest ice cream flavours is phish – Chocolate Ice Cream with Gooey Marshmallow Swirls, Caramel Swirls & Fudge Fish. Ice cream anyone?

Succulent Plants – a great website where you learn how to grow tiny desert plants.

Trunki – the ride on suitcase for kids

Virtual Knot – virtual wedding, 360° wedding video can offer a way to experience your special day magically.

I Do, Now I Don’t –  is a website that allows people to sell their engagement rings (or any other fancy jewellery) to other users for way less than going to a jewellery store when the engagement goes pear-shaped.

There are many opportunities out there for your passion, but you need self-belief, product belief, the courage to take action and the right platform to launch your grand idea.  Carry out your due diligence and let it propel you forward.

There are some ways you can validate your business idea, and I will love to show you how.

My Idea Analysis & Assessment can help you make sense of your potential idea, market and how best to position yourself.  If you are interested in taking this assessment, get in touch..

I am cheering you onto marketplace domination.

Blessings in abundance

Temi Koleowo

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