How to discover why you were created, what lights your spirit, fills you with joy and gives you a real sense of purpose.


What sets you apart? There is more to you than your qualification or social status. There is a special Unique Selling Point that is centred around your talents, gifts and even your positive personality. Maybe everyone at works tells you how talented and gifted you are – but you just can’t see it.


You may be longing for the day you transition into a role in line with what you are passionate about. You may be stuck in a job you do not enjoy or forced to follow a job description that does not even come close to expressing your talents. You may be one of the talented, ambitious and solution-oriented people who are not happy with where they are.


You may even love your job but believe you have a higher calling to provide even more solutions to others. There is a burning desire within you to find out what you are placed on earth to do.


Whether you are at work, in between roles, stay at home parent, in college, or just at a crossroad looking for direction – we are all searching for that thing that will light our spirits, fills us with gladness and a real sense of purpose.

Why Are You Here on Earth?


Everything has a purpose – whether male or female. We were all created for specific purpose and to do significant things while we are here. We have also been given the tools to help us achieve this goal.


The route to your purpose is right within you, and we have the tools to help you discover and define it.


Success does not happen by chance, it comes about when you choose to focus and dedicate time to develop an area of interest that can become a solution with profit in tow.


“Follow your passion means you find what you love to do and master it. Temi Koleowo”


Are you thinking of how to juggle your profession, mission, passion and vocation? Well, you are in the right place. The right place to discover your passion and vocation pathway, maybe merge it with your profession or mission and discover the profit within too.

What is holding you back from stepping into your purpose?


✔ I have got bills to pay and can’t afford to fantasies about my purpose

✔ I am looking for fulfilment but don’t know how to find it

✔ I have multiple talents, but I am confused

✔ I am not passionate about my work

✔ Is there more to my life than just a job

✔ I am an introvert, is there any hope for me to do something different

✔ I start too many projects but never complete them

✔ I am afraid of change because I have been in the same job for a long time.

✔ Is it wise to explore other options at my age?

✔ I have got kids, and I have no spare time

Do any of these questions sound familiar? Have you been searching for something but not quite sure what you are looking for? I know these questions are the thoughts of our clients before they embark on their passion discovery journey.


All these issues WILL become bygones with the Purpose Navigator System.


Get ready to follow a proven system to discover your passion which will lead you to your purpose and your true calling to do something extraordinary.


This is the navigator system that will lead you to your place of fulfilment.

The Purpose Navigator System will help you


  • Discover your dominant strengths with a road map on how to make the most of it.
  • Identify the particular purpose of your knowledge, experience, interests and talents.
  • Clearly, define your passion and what lights you up from within.
  • Discover your true purpose and the lifestyle to do what you love.
  • Find the route to become an expert by combining your strengths, experiences, knowledge and talent to create your special brand.


You probably think this is all a dream. Well, this will become your reality when you come on board.
Get Ready to Explore More


The Purpose Navigator Online Program is divided into 8 Key Modules with information to set you on the right pathway.

There is nothing more fulfilling than finding what you love to do and working with it every day. Suddenly the drudgery of the daily grind becomes a distant memory.


Your passion can possibly become the gift that makes your job bearable or even enable you to find pleasures within your role.


There is a process that must precede doing what you love, and that is DISCOVERING and DEFINING what captures your attention, makes your heart sing and also meets a need.


Contrary to what many believe, packaging your passion starts by paying attention to things that interest you. When you start working at something diligently, then it has the potential to become a passion. Passion is not automatic; it comes about from the process of focused energy and drive.


“If you do not know your purpose, find your passion and it will lead you to your purpose.” T.D Jakes


Do not take our knowledge, experiences, talent or interests for granted. They are not accidental; rather they are the lights that dot your life runaway and enable us to take flight and achieve great things.

Our aim at the PMP Academy is to help you discover what you love and create the plan to make it your lifestyle. But to get started, you need to understand your strengths, your gifts and your core values so you can merge the tributaries that will lead to your true purpose.


We are ready to take you by the hand


Imagine an airport runaway with no lights, what hope does a plane have or taking off or safely landing if there are nothing to guide its path. The same way the plane needs the lights for the runway is the same way you need markers to help you find your true purpose by discovering and defining your passion. Package my Passion Academy is the marker you need to journey to the place of fulfilment and maximise your strengths and passion.




The Navigator system is the ideal way to start a beautiful relationship with what you love to do.


What are you waiting for? Come on board and let the world benefit from what you have to offer.


It is time to journey from Potential to Proactiveness.


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