find the Solution within the problem

I know there is a lot to consider as we make changes to our expectations, plans and even the way we live.  I am praying for you that you will be strong and get through this season unscatched. 

I was researching about Vaccines a few days ago and the information reminded me of this quote by Michael Bierut again. “The Problem Contains the Solution.” 

How does Vaccine work?
vaccine works by training the immune system to recognize and combat pathogens, either viruses or bacteria. To do this, certain molecules from the pathogen must be introduced into the body to trigger an immune response. These molecules are called antigens, and they are present on all viruses and bacteria.

To cure this current virus will require certain molecules from the virus.  We are praying that they will find the right medication to rid our world of this intruder. 

I want you to look at your talent or passion driven cause with new eyes using this quote.  The solutions to the current state of the world will come from the result of the problem.  It will require us to dig deep within and come up with solutions as we adjust to a new way of life. 

Look around you – not from a problem owner but as a solution provider. How can you package your talent to meet this new order? What technology tool can help you do things better, quicker and most importantly more effective. How can you help people to get through this with your expertise? 

It is time to take a step back and recalibrate, so we can come back stronger. One thing I know is that we will get through this.

The question is who do you want to be when you emerge on the other side?  

As you spend time at home, enrol on a course to develop yourself. There are many courses on offer at Coursera, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, Lynda and many more.  

Blessings in abundance

Temi Koleowo

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