Client Stories

Your passion has limitless potential to reach so many people who need what you have.

Pharmacist turn Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach


We started our journey a few years ago. She was a pharmacist who wanted a different life. A mother of three children at the time. She wanted to package her passion, so she can do what she loves and also be available for her family.


We journeyed together to discover her dominant passion and packaged it into a range of viable services. This gave birth to Fit 2 Sparkle Personal Trainer brand and the beginning of an amazing journey.

Cancer Survivor becomes the carrier of Hope


She is a cancer survivor and wanted to make her experience count. We spend time together reviewing her low moments and brainstormed how we can bring hope to those undergoing treatment. We developed the Arise from the Ashes Platform which providers support to cancer patients. She also launched the Moment of Hope Devotional and journal for cancer patients. Now she is so busy with her passion to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients.

Teacher turn Women Empowerment Queen


She is a teacher and tuition centre owner by profession but wanted more from life. She had a burden for women who need support to bounce back from life challenges. We worked together to create the platform Women Empowering Projects and she has been going strong for half a decade. She had launched her book, gratitude journal and YouTube platform from the seed of her passion and after taking that first step.

Microbiologist turn Fashion Stylist


I always admired her fashion sense and started asking her for a few fashion tips. I noticed her fashion knowledge was quite extensive and suggested she pay more attention to her passion. She asked me to help her package her passion and Pinkee Style was born.


A microbiologist turn Fashion buyer, stylist, enterpreneur and much more. She has styled so many people I know and is still going strong with her business which has branched into other areas too.

Geologist turn Sewing Academy Owner


What can I do with my sewing skills and my love for people? This was the question posed to me when she found herself boxed into a space that was not big enough for her talent. We spent time reviewing her work over the years to clearly define her dominant passion. We found a combination we could work with and Flairs 4 Fabric Sewing Academy was born. The academy teaches women how to sew and also start a sewing business.

Hotel Manager/Event Organiser


She loved events, so it is no wonder she works in the field. But she wanted to do more, she wanted to turn her passion for events into a business. We got together and developed a range of services she could offer. Despite her busy family like she got it off the ground and now successfully runs Deizi Events Wedding Planning Service.

Tuition Centre extends into products


I want to give my students and other students the right tools for their exams was her reason for coming to the PMP Academy. She had a lot of knowledge and expertise she wanted to turn into products. We brainstormed together and develop a range of concepts which we will launch over the next few years. The vision is big and I am looking forward to working with this amazing woman. The first product is the 11+ exam planner. It has hit the shelves and is a great resource for parents.