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How to Discover Product Ideas from Your Passion


If you find yourself at a place where you have reached a saturation point in your career, and promotion is not imminent, what do you do?  It is a common question many people ask me during our exploration session.  Some of us are fortunate to combine our careers with our passion, but some are not.

Many of us are caught up in the commitment of keeping our jobs to meet our basic needs and lifestyles.  But that should not stop you from expressing your passion.  Just because your job description is not as exciting as ‘bungee jumping’ does not mean you can’t do something else that lights you up within.

I was an accounting professional for a long time, and after sitting another professional exam, I decided it was time to face the career reality test. I asked myself if this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and the answer was No.

The ‘no’ gave me the push to rediscover my genius zone and how best to package it for the world to enjoy.  I decided to start as a freelancer to hone my skills so I can re-enter the workforce as a professional in the field I choose because I truly enjoy it.

Leaving a job to start a business or social enterprise is not the option for everyone, but living a life of purpose is. Most of my clients hold a full-time job, but it does not stop them from packaging their passion into viable products and services.

They want to reach people with their solutions, and they refuse to allow a job description to stop them from doing so. These are people who understand the power of purpose and what they can achieve when they step out of their comfort zone.

The key is to find the right balance within your daily life and schedule time for what you hold dear.  For example, If you want to create products for mums of toddlers just because that is your pain point, please go for it.  There is always a gap in the market we can explore, as long as we have the desire to find it.

What is the first step you need to take?

Research! Research! Research!

You can never research the market enough. Research is what saves the product developer from falling down the rabbit hole just like Dorothy.

Research is what will help you identify what the market needs so you can create products or services that meet that need. Research is what will help you profit from your passion because you will create products based on data, analysis, and real-life desires.

How do I research the market?

Start with the most basic tool?  Search Engines.  Yes, you read it right. Start with search engines; they hold the key to so much information that can help you create a product idea for the people you hold dear.

While writing this article, I typed into Google – “what problems do mums of toddlers face in the UK?”  The results were phenomenal.  From the results, I picked up six potential product and service ideas I can explore.  My next step will be to explore and brainstorm these ideas, so I know which of them are viable.

If you would like to learn more about developing product ideas from your passion, you must come on board the Package My Passion Club.  Every month you will gain access to a masterclass (recorded), Q and A session (questions can be pre-submitted), resources, support and much more to help you package your passion into viable products and services.

Click here to find out more.  The first recorded masterclass will be available this month.  You can’t afford to miss the information I will share with you.  Do not worry about sitting through the class; you can listen at will as it will be recorded for your pleasure.

If you have been thinking of an idea for too long, it is time to step out and turn it into your reality.

I wish you blessings in abundance.

Temi Koleowo

The Idea Catalyst.





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