Package Your Passion into A Consultant Role


A consultant according to the dictionary is a professional who provides expert advice in a particular area. Starting your consultancy service is one of the best ways to package your passion and showcase your expertise so you can help as many people as possible.  The best thing about this option is the low start-up cost.  You do not need much regarding equipment to get started, but you do need oodles of confidence and self-belief.

A consultant is not limited to any specific topic; you can delve into any component of your passion and package it into the right service. For example, if you are fascinated by trees, you can develop your consultancy around this area and support those who may need your help – from homeowners to local councils.

So what do you need to do to set up your consultancy and start helping people solve their problems?  Here are five key tips for you.

Tip One: Identify the dominant component of your passion

Do not be a jack of all trades and master of none.  Discover the dominant component of your passion before you step out.  Do not try and combine too many components at the same time.   You will end up confusing your clients and yourself.  Start small and with what you can manage and work with.  You want to be known for something unique and not a generalist.  Focus on your strengths, do not take on what will choke you, later on, do what brings you joy.

The dominant component of your passion is what you are more passionate about.  It could relate to your knowledge, experiences, talents, interests and skills or a combination of them.  Knowing this will allow you to streamline your development process and focus on what will help you project yourself confidently and in the best possible way.

Tip Two: Know who you will like to serve

Knowing who you enjoy serving will help you tailor your services effectively.  Think of your demographics (a particular sector of a population) – women, men, over 40s, under 25, parents, professionals, wealthy, mature students, toddlers (and their parents) etc.  The needs of each demographic differ and you will do well to know your preference and the ones you can easily build relationships with and understand the most.

Tip Three: Develop services that meet the needs of your chosen demographic.

Do not develop products and services based on your emotions, develop products and services that meet the specific needs of your demographics.  What do you think your clients will need? What do they struggle with?  What solution do they seek, what problem do they want to be solved?  These are some of the questions you need to constantly ask yourself as you develop your offerings and your business structure.

Tip Four: Find your unique selling point.

What can make you stand out from the rest?  Find something unique about your products and services and make sure you stand out.  Your USP could be as diverse as you want it to be.  When I started my consultancy service, I thought I was doing my clients a favour by using an ultramodern coaching tool to help them keep a tab on their tasks and actions. But alas, it was not so as not one of my clients found the tool effective.  After much ado, I had to get rid of it and go back a model I designed from scratch.  My simple but effective process is one of a kind, works a treat and is a hit with my clients.

Tip Five: Be consistent. 

If there is one lesson I learnt in my years of being in business is the importance of consistency.  Do not start what you can’t sustain. Do not develop services you can’t deliver, do not take too much on board and sabotage your reputation.  Consistency is important if you want to be taken seriously. To be consistent, you will need processes and systems to maximise what you have to offer.  Consistency means you offer quality service every time. It means you are ready to do business.

Take some time out and ask yourself if you can deliver on these tips to your prospects. If you can answer yes, then you are ready to take the first step to develop the right offering for your target market.  If you need help to discover your dominant passion, download the Passion Pathway Finder Here.

Ready to take massive action?  Get in touch for a complimentary exploration session and let us explore your dominant passion and the products and services that lie within it.

I am cheering you on.

Temi Koleowo

Idea Catalyst passionate about you and your passion.






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