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Are you ready to embrace all you were created to be?
Are you ready to discover the amazing talents and assets within you?
Are you ready to be the solution to problems out there?


The Idea Catalyst and Passion Midwife is ready to help you birth your dreams and aspirations.


There is no better time than now to start walking in your true purpose.


At the Package My Passion Academy, I want you to be the best version of yourself. My aim is to ensure you walk in your true purpose so you can find real fulfilment by doing what you truly love.

All the PMP Academy programs are designed to help you get your idea from your head to the Marketplace. The personalised Momentum Program is designed to work with you because I believe that no two people and ideas are ever the same. I will take into account your personality, dreams, aspirations, core values, belief systems and every aspect of what you have to offer to ensure you achieve the success you deserve.

If you do not know what you are passionate about but believe you have a purpose in life, I am here for you. If you already know what you are passionate about and have a clear idea, I can help you create the model and platform to offer your products or services to your target market.


✔ We will work together to discover your core strength that compliments your life goals. Analyse your interests, knowledge, experience, and talents and draw out your core passion and interests. You will get:
✔ A full analysis report of your life goals and ambitions.
✔ The Wheel of Fortune analysis to package you and what you have to offer
✔ Develop the right platform for the expression of your passion.
✔ An action plan to help you activate your passion and start doing what you really love.


Whether you want to start a business, social enterprise, digital resources or career path, this program will help you clearly define your path and ensure you get the right results. We will map out your entire plan from idea to marketplace. This is an intensive hands-on program, you must be ready to dig deep and work hard.

Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver Your Passion


My aim is to help you package and amplify your passion so you can do what nourishes your soul, gives you profit, fulfils your spirit and makes your heart sing with gladness. I will work with you, encourage you, and motivate you to walk in your genius zone.


If you already have a product you are working with, I will help you find new ways to extend your product/service life by developing new ideas for your prospects.


Every product or service has more than one use; my aim is to help you discover multiple uses for your talent, knowledge, experiences and interests. Once we set the ball rolling, many more ideas will spring up along the way.

The program consists of:

Comprehensive Passion to Product Session

To get a better understanding of your passion/business/idea. Understand your big goals and aspirations for your business/idea. Once we complete this session, we will both have a clearer understanding of where you want to be and map a plan to get you there. This session can also be taken as two sessions rather than one.

Market Research

My team will carry out market research on your niche market to know where we can fill the gap in the market.

Monthly 60 Minutes Momentum Sessions

These sessions are designed to ensure you stay on track to launch viable products and services from your passion. I will work with you, outsource what you cannot manage to ensure we complete within a defined period. Sessions are via phone or Skype

Unlimited Email Support

Unlimited email support (within reason) in addition to weekly Monday morning motivation email to get you geared up for an awesome week.

Troubleshooting SOS

Impromptu ten minute Skype calls (x 2 a month) to help you get unstuck and gain clarity for your next step.

Tools and Resources

The tools you need to make this happen would be made available to you and some sourced from my business partners. They will all be project managed by my team to help you package your passion and extend your reach. Some of them will incur additional costs, which we will agree before commencement.

We offer the program on a three to twelve months basis to meet your individual needs. Some projects may be extended beyond the stipulated time frame due to the nature of the project.


My mission is to help you find your purpose and profit through your passion because I know what it is like to go from pillar to post without direction. For many years, I was not cognizant of my phenomenal gifts and talents which were buried under an introvert personality. When redundancy struck, it dawned on me that I have passion and purpose within and it is my duty to walk in it for the rest of my life.


I help people discover the power of purpose, how to package passion with profit and how to embrace every gift and talent within. I always count it a privilege to impact people like you with my proven methodology and give you the inspiration to step up into your position on earth.


I can’t wait to work with you.

Get in touch below and let us journey together into your place of purpose, passion and profit.