Discover Genius Zone – Develop Offerings – Deploy Potential Into Meaningful Solutions.

…we turn limitless potential into incredible opportunities.


Our workshops are designed to help talented individuals discover their genius zone, highlight their key strengths, create the right offering and assist them to deploy their passion and embrace opportunities in the most meaningful way.


At the Package My Passion Academy, we believe everyone has incredible potential without them, but potential means nothing if it is not supported by action to make it into something tangible and worthwhile.


“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” Confucius


Our aim is to turn limitless potential into better opportunities, concepts, jobs, careers, businesses or life goal that resonates with the recipients.


Are you tired of the dreaded “I hate Monday morning” chat?


Do you want your group members to find fulfilment through a career, business, and daily tasks and raise their level of attainment?


Do you want to inspire your group/employees/colleagues/network to achieve bigger goals and increase the personal level of excellence?

We Maximise and Manage Talent

We work with talented people who are ready to explore how they can maximise the potential of their Knowledge, Interests, Talent and Experiences within or outside their current environment.


Work environment – we help employees discover their genius zone, find their place of passion within their organisation, enhance job description and increase their rate of output within their jobs.

Business environment – we help budding entrepreneurs discover their key strengths, develop viable concepts and enhance their essential skills for business development.


Freelance, Undecided or Fulfilment Seeker – we assist in creating career boost, start a business, develop new concepts, provide support to the community, find your real purpose or just do things differently.


Many people find comfort in their jobs because it pays the bills. When a person finds what they love, their job stops being a job; it becomes a lifestyle. Imagine employees who are passionate about what they do, imagine a business owner who works within his genius zone, imagine a person who wakes up and does what she loves every day and earns a significant income from it.


This workshop will teach attendees how to dig for your passion and discover the limitless potential within it and how to put it to best use.

“When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that’s when passion is born.” Zig Ziglar.

The Questions We Like to Ask Attendees?


✔ Do you want to go through every year with a spring in your step?

✔ Are you still struggling to discover your passion?

✔ Are you feeling confined by your job description?

✔ Frustrated that things are not done to your standard and want to do better?

✔ Are you eager to do more with your talent, gifts, experience and knowledge but don’t know how?

✔ Confused about the steps you need to take to make the most of your knowledge and expertise?

✔ Feeling in stuck in your job because you can’t express your full potential?

✔ Need a better work/life balance that brings fulfilment and success?

Attendees will work through a variety of exercise to highlight their key strengths and components of their passion and match them to current and potential. There are a lot of people who are much more talented than they know.
But because they do not have a tour guide, they spend so much time sight-seeing and never get off the bus.

Workshop Goals


✔ Create a positive shift in your mind about your most valuable assets – your passion.

✔ Delve into your experiences, knowledge, natural abilities and interests

✔ Help to discover the things you are good at that you take for granted

✔ Highlight your strengths and core values

✔ Learn the robust and essential ways to express your passion

✔ Learn the robust and essential ways to express your passion

✔ Learn the robust and essential ways to express your passion

✔ Help you set realistic goals to maximise your passion

✔ How to align your passion with your current position and boost your rate of success


Process: This is a blended learning course; classroom sessions will include teaching through practical tasks, group work, pair work, presentations and demonstrations using the interactive whiteboard and the internet.


Target Audience: Employees within meaningful organisations, social action groups, community groups, religious groups, individuals, women and men groups and those who are seeking a renewed sense of purpose in what they do.


The workshop is facilitated by the Package My Passion Academy Team. They provide a range of tailor-made programs, services and support to those looking to discover their genius zone, start and grow a business or develop a passion.


People’s passion is our passion, and they are dedicated to help, teach and urge people to discover their passion and translate it into meaningful work. We have successfully helped a large number of individuals discover and do the work they love and create tangible businesses and careers from it too.


There is also follow-on support if required for those who need practical support to take the next step to actualise their plans.

If you will like us to run a specific workshop to improve productivity and talent management for your organisation, please contact our Admin Team by clicking here.