Find the Gap for your Passion

Everyone will love to sell a product or service that is in great demand. But how do you know what to sell when there are so many products and services in the market?

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Pay attention:  This is the first and most important thing you must do. You must pay attention to what is been said around you and also to the trends in your industry.  What is your target market talking about? What questions are they asking?

When I started my business, I was so fixated on how I wanted to run my coaching business.  I bought this ‘amazing’ software that will make coaching online a breeze but my clients hated it.  It took me a while to realise that it was not effective and I reluctantly dumped it.  Now I have a string of clients I cater for on a monthly basis because I listened to their needs and meet them effortlessly.

Google is your Friend: Have you heard of Google Alerts?  It is a great way to be in the know about your industry.  Google alerts enable you to specify the type of information you would like to keep a tab on online.  Google will send you an email relating to this topic every time the subject comes up – you can specify the frequency of emails.  Click here to try it out

You can also use the regular search engine box to check out what is happening around you. This can sow the seeds of how to develop and market your idea to the right target market.

Research:  a little or a lot of research can only benefit your idea. What is statistics telling you about your product or service idea?  Is there room for growth or is it in decline? Is there a new way to present the same idea? Should you consider an improved version? What is working for your competitors and what can you do better?  The answers to these questions and more will help you highlight the gap you can pursue in the marketplace. For example, if you are passionate about fresh product, all you need to do is look around you to see how it has evolved over the years. In the UK, the amount of ready prepared fresh produce is staggering as they dominate the chilled items shelves. I even saw pre-sliced onions for sale – ready, quick and makes life a breeze.

Instincts: Your instinct is usually right, so do not ignore that still small voice. If something is consistently nudging you, stop and listen.  One of my clients was struggling between her job and her passion and came to me to find clarity.  After my 90 days program, she was able to align her passion alongside her profession and she is now at her happiest serving the people she loves on her days off work (she now works part-time).  What is your instinct telling you?

People and Your Passion:  do you know that people will be drawn to your strengths if you portray them in the best possible way? What draws people to you?  What questions do people ask you all the time?  What are you constantly figuring out for other people?  What product catches your attention that you can’t wait to share with others? Answering these questions can form the foundation of a lucrative product or service if you take action on what you learn.

I hope this has helped clear the dross about what you would like to package and promote from your passion.  Remember there is a solution within you waiting to come out – don’t keep it hidden. Find the gap and make sure it fits well enough bring you profit, however you choose to define it.

Have you got tips to help others find the gap in the market? Please share in the comment box.

Keep believing in your passion and the value within it.

Blessings in abundance

Temi Koleowo

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