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Get ready to go on a journey that is bound to change your life.


Finding what you love to do requires the application of consistent effort to develop your talent and skill. It is not an airy-fairy exercise people embark upon because they refuse to face reality.


Finding the work you love enables you to do what you enjoy and fully express yourself using your talents, knowledge, experiences and skills to the best of your ability.


Packaging your passion means you find what you love to do and master it by being one of the best in your industry


It also means finding the profit within your passion so you can add value to yourself and others. It takes a combination of skills, personal development, commitment, boldness and other important tools and habits to create value from what you love.


If you are at a place where you want to find fulfilment from what you do, this book will ignite your belief in your talents and your ‘genius zone’. It will help you come to a better understanding of the greatness within the components of your passion and enable you to grasp the infinite possibilities when you ignite and package what is within you.


“Your Genius Zone is the place of your passion, purpose and profit.” Temi Koleowo.


Through personal stories, insight, research, coaching experiences and a compilation of thought processes of many brilliants minds, this book will challenge you to look beyond where you are right now to where you need to be – walking in purpose and doing what you were created to do.

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About The Author

I used to be just like you. I was comfortable in my accountancy role until redundancy struck and my life was left in disarray. I was the mother of a toddler and a baby at the time and my husband had to shoulder the family finances on his own.  After searching for another job for many months and it seemed no one was willing to take on a mother of two young kids, I decided to take matters into my hands.


Redundancy became my ‘get out of jail’ card, and I realised I was no longer forced to limit myself to a ‘job description’. I was ready to spread my wings and fly.  I took the bull by the horn and started digging to find what lights me up within.  My discovery journey led me to realise my dominant strengths, analytical ‘but dormant at the time’ mind, exceptional ability to bring solutions to the table,  idea development skills, love for innovation, business planning skills, and a host of other gems.


Funny, this was no surprise to those who knew me well. They were just waiting for my light bulb to come on so I can manifest my true gifts and talents.


Now I run my consultation, Business First Steps. I help talented people like you package their passion, spend time with my family, plan my life my way, decide how I work and live, network with amazing people, determine my income, speak on prestigious stages, author books, and also have the flexibility of working from anywhere whenever I want to.  Discovering and Packaging my Passion has enabled me to find fulfilment doing what I love.


I no longer ask for permission to fly, I just spread my wings and soar.


I designed the Package My Passion program to help you define, discover,  package and amplify your passion in a systematic and proven way to get your products or services to the market place.

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